Morebiggy is a nice Canadian girl who somehow found herself with an awful meme account.

On a cold Fall evening in 2018, out of curiousity, she uploaded a few 90 Day Fiance inspired merchandise designs to Redbubble. To her amusement, they started selling immediately. So she uploaded more.

After seeing how much people loved her work, she created an Instagram account to promote sales. It is here where she stumbled upon a niche community of extremely passionate 90DF fans.

With nothing to lose, Morebiggy uploaded her first ever meme. She quickly discovered that she was, in fact, a meme genius, and amassed a loyal following of 28k followers in only a short ten weeks. MUCH to her surprise, It appeared Morebiggy had found her true calling.

“Trolling is fun and funny” she says, “Nothing makes me happier than making people laugh.”

Seven months, 35k+ followers, one YouTube channel and 700+ sales later, she created as a hub to bring reality tv fans together and sell her merch under one roof.

In her off time she enjoys meditating, running her other product design-based business, and spending time outdoors with her dog. Yes, she is hot, and no, you can’t see her. Please stop DM'ing me about this.