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Mohammed Scented Candle, 9 oz

Mohammed Scented Candle, 9 oz

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Buy 90 Day Fiance Merchandise- Why Are You Always Bothering Me Candle 9oz

Let everyone know to leave you alone with this cute aromatherapy candle.

This candle is designed by Morebiggy and features Mohammed from 90 Day Fiance. Light this cute aromatherapy candle while you enjoy watching the newest season of 90 Day Fiance. 

Nothing quite like an aromatherapy session that relaxes and inspires you. The candle itself is made 100% with a natural soy wax blend and 100% cotton wick. Choose between ambrosial fragrances such as Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze.

Size is 3" x 3 2/8". Average burn time 50-60 hours. 

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